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Automatic Swing Doors

NG Automatics supplies and fits automated swing doors for businesses all over the United Kingdom. From heavy duty secure doors for banks, to welcoming, accessible doors for retailers and offices, we’ll fit the right doors for your needs.

Suppliers and Installers of Effortless Opening and Closing Doors

Museum of Science and Industry, ManchesterRanging from low energy entrances to heavy duty secure doors, our range of automatic doors is suitable for any business. From whole new entrances to the automation of existing doors, we’ll install affordable automated swing doors with a minimum of disruption.

Our team of experts will discuss your project and advise you on the correct system for your building. Our team of installers will ensure that they’re fitted quickly, safely, and with a minimum disruption to your business.

Swing doors are available for all of our customers, as both single and double entrances, and NG Automatics’ product list is regularly updated to ensure that you’ll always receive a reliable, affordable automatic door.

Heavy Duty OperatorsLloyds Bank Wrexham Main Entrance

Our heavy duty operators are designed for use on external doors, and in high traffic areas, where they will provide smooth, quiet movement. For external use, a windstopper facility is built in, to ensure that our automatic swing door works perfectly, whatever the weather.

Our doors also include maximum coverage safety sensors on both door leaves as standard, and we can provide barrier rails in a range of finishes.

Our operators are certified to comply with the BS7036 design stipulations.

Low Energy OperatorsAbbey Bank, Windsor

Our low energy swing door operators are suitable for internal doors and work perfectly as a disabled access option.

These operators can be set to work on a fully automatic basis, or as a lightweight manual door controlled by a push pad.

Visible Drive Solutions

Our visible drive solutions are quick and easy to install and repair, and can be fitted to your existing conventional doors quickly and easily. This makes them perfect for refurbishment work. Push and go, airlock and door closing functions are available, as are a range of access and automation functions.

All NG Automatics’ types of automatic swing door are suitable for the following areas of use:

  • Fire and smoke doors
  • Hermetic doors
  • Sound-proof doors
  • Radiation-proof doors
  • Emergency and rescue doors
  • Barrier-free construction

In addition, all of our automatic swing doors can be upgraded to include the following functionality:

  • Push and Go – a slight touch is enough to trigger the automatic opening system
  • Variable Activation – our doors can be opened by approach sensors, a stainless steel push pad, or with a hand-held transmitter
  • Secure Access – card swipe and key-fob functions can be added, or your new swing doors can be fitted in to your existing security system
  • Manual Door Closing – in the event of a power failure, doors can still be shut and secured
  • Porch and Airlock Function – by coordinating two automatic doors, you can prevent the exchange of air, keeping your premises at the right temperature
  • Access Control – add an extra layer of security with key, badge, video or biometric controls
  • Building Automation – our doors can be integrated into your existing building management systems
  • Independent Movement Sequences – Two separate sequences can be programmed and used as circumstances dictate
  • Locking Options – choose from electric strike locks, shute bolts, powered maglocks, and up to two maximum security deadlocks with armoured strikes

While our website gives a great overview of the work we’ve done, a discussion with our experts will give you an even better idea of the work we’ll do for you. So get in touch today.

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