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Frameless All Glass Doors

When aesthetic appeal is a key consideration, choose NG Automatics' completely transparent all glass automatic doors.

Suppliers and Fitters of Automatic Frameless Glass Doors

Don’t Sacrifice Style for Functionality with our All Glass Automatic Doors

Functionality isn’t the be all and end all of automatic door systems. Discerning customers demand a stylish, modern door that looks great and works well.

That’s why we’ve devoted the time and effort to create an almost invisible door system that provides a stunningly elegant glass surface and blends in with your building’s lines and contours.

Loved by architects and clients alike, our frameless glass door system is designed to provide visibility, natural light, and a look that isn’t compromised by frames, or visible rails and motors.

Technical Specifications

  • Designed for laminated and tempered glass
  • Fits panes of between 10mm and 11mm, weighing no more than 28kg/m2
  • Maximum height of 3500mm
  • Stainless steel or powder coated finish for top and bottom rails
  • Secure locking electric track, mag lock or electric strike lock

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